The main purpose of our company, which produces PVC foam sheets for the Advertising and Building industries, is to ensure customer satisfaction. This includes consistently improving our quality management system with regard to effectiveness and compliance.

- We are committed to working in partnership with our customers and stakeholders to create win-win solutions.
- We appreciate and actively support the efforts of our employees, who are our most valuable resource in terms of innovation and creativity, whilst fostering a culture of teamwork.
- We work with our suppliers on the basis of mutual trust.
- We ensure that the company's quality, goals, and programs remain up to date and monitored through corrective actions.
- We review and improve our processes in response to changing conditions in order to remain competitive within the international marketplace.
- At SIMONA Plastech, we are committed to a responsible corporate culture. For this reason, we apply social compliance standards within our organisation.
- We provide our products and services in accordance with social compliance standards, committed to ensuring that our employees receive all their rights as set out by statutory provisions and relevant standards, in addition to complying with occupational health and safety regulations and acting in accordance with environmental pollution prevention measures.



By considering the life cycle of our products, including the selection of raw materials, and production technology, we aim to prevent pollution, reduce waste by separating it at specific points and promote waste reuse prior to disposal. We ensure compliance with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements and are committed to operating a management system geared to identifying environmental aspects and managing environmental risks. We will continuously monitor the system and ensure the use of appropriate resources to improve the performance of the system, take necessary actions and monitor our carbon and water footprint to prevent global climate change. We support the development of our employees through orientation programmes. We affirm our determination to strive towards creating a more habitable world for our children.



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